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2017 4th Annual Best Friend PET PHOTO CONTEST gave $ 2,161.50 each to Pet Project Inc and Illinois Valley Animal Rescue (IVAR) for their spay/neuter programs.

A big THANK YOU to all our voters. Times are difficult for our local shelters and you all are super heroes for supporting them. Our shelter pets thank you.


2019 Best Friend Pet Photo Contest Contestants. Please mouse over a photo to view it's identification.

2018 5th Annual BEST FRIEND PET PHOTO CONTEST  gave $ 3,090.74 each to Pet Project and IVAR for their spay/neuter programs.

No Animal Left Behind

2019 Pet Photo Contest rules (Click on this link will download our rules to your computer.). Please be sure to read. 

2019 6th Annual Best Friend Pet Photo Contest 


​4 TOP WINNERS will appear on August Hill wine labels.

* Enter your favorite pet photo Friday April 19th 8AM thru Monday April 27th 9pm to Entries will appear below the text on this page.

* Vote at $1 per vote Monday April 28th 8AM thru Sunday May 3rd 9PM.

Be sure to read contest rules to make sure your photo is of quality size to appear clearly on our wine labels, we need proper contact information, and we love as much detail about your pet as possible.

 All proceeds will be given to local animal shelters for their spay/neuter programs.